Order of Merit - The Vin Nivarovich Trophy


Event Rules and Conditions Gross Scores Nett Scores
  15th April 2017 15th April 2017


The Order of Merit is named in honour of the late Vin Nivarovich, a respected golf identity and talented former player.

“He was a member of East Geelong and he was the best golfer in the district for quite a number of years in the late 70’s, 80’s and into the 90’s.” Muller said.

At the February delegates meeting, clubs have voted for changes to the OOM conditions.

OOM to conclude with the 2018 District Championship

The 2016 District championship to be included as a Category B event

Changes to point allocations for Category C events (Increased by 25%)

3 prizes in each Gross and Nett section

Gross winners will be ineligible to win both Gross and Nett

No minimum number of event required

Please find the complete conditions above

OOM Starts 18th March with the Sands Open


Gross Nett
2016/2017 Gross   Nett Stewart Drayton Paul MacDonald
2015 Gross      Nett Jeff Crabbe - Barwon Valley Brad Dunn - East Geelong
2014  Gross     Nett Stewart Drayton - 13th Beach Stewart Drayton - 13th Beach
2013 Steve Symons - East Geelong