2014 Junior Pennant Draw

Where the Date is shown Underlined the Results are available

Junior Pennant Conditions 2014


Note.   All first games in all divisions to commence at 8:30am


Trevenen   Westerveld
Ocean Grove   Barwon Valley
13th Beach   Clifton Springs 2
Curlewis   Portarlington 1
Queens Park   The Sands
Clifton Springs 1   Composite
Portarlington 2    
Dec 1st at 13th Beach   Dec 1st at Clifton Springs
13th Beach v Curlewis 1   Clifton Springs 2 v Portarlington 1
Ocean Grove v Clifton Springs 1   Composite v The Sands
Portarlington 2 v Queens Park   Barwon Valley v Bye
Dec 8th at Queens Park   Dec 8th at The Sands
Queens Park v  Ocean Grove   The Sands v  Barwon Valley
Curlewis 1 v Clifton Springs 1   Composite v Portarlington 1
Portarlington 2 v 13th Beach   Clifton Springs 2 v Bye
Dec 15th at Curlewis   Dec 15th at Curlewis
Curlewis 1 v Queens Park 8:30am   Composite v Clifton Springs 2 10:00am
13th Beach v Clifton Springs 1   Portarlington 1 v Barwon Valley
Ocean Grove v Portarlington 2   Bye v  The Sands
Feb 9th at Ocean Grove   Feb 9th at Barwon Valley
Ocean Grove v 13th Beach   Barwon Valley v  Clifton Springs 2
Queens Park v Clifton Springs 1   The Sands v Portarlington 1
Curlewis 1 v Portarlington 2   Composite v Bye
Feb 23rd at Portarlington   Feb 23rd at East Geelong
Ocean Grove v Curlewis 1   Composite v Barwon Valley
Clifton Springs 1 v Portarlington 2   Clifton Springs 2 v The Sands
Queens Park v 13th Beach   Portarlington 1 v  Bye


Semi Finals and Final on 2nd March - Queenscliff