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Private carts and ride ons are not permitted at The Sands. You may book a cart direct with the Pro Shop.

Denim clothing is not allowed on the course.

Would ALL players note that if your score card is not pre printed with your Golflink number, you MUST write the FULL 10 DIGIT number on your card every time. If you don't, it adds significantly to the time it takes to process the cards.

1st Tee        
8:00 Chris Asbury John Barber Rod Fisk Frank San Gil
8:07 Jim Llewellyn Brian Egan Mike Lunney Colin Cooper
8:14 Denis Lee Neil May David Lovell Dave Hitchcock
8:21 Tony Leeds Hugh Orton Ron Smith Terry Passlow
8:28 Colin Stone Stan Stewart Alan Wastell Noel Colbert
8:35 Ian Flanders Guy Tristram Phil Rowe Greg Brinsmead
8:42 Don Callahan Alan Chapman Keith Finkelde Ted Stroomer
8:49 Neil McGuinness Graeme Rabbas Rod Gurney David Yelland
8:56 Gary Crouch Alan Hartley George Richards Leigh Edsall
9:03 Alan McKerlie G Hardiman Adrian Dunne John Eddington
9:10 Brian Hazell Ray Drady Brian Shaw Richard Olsen
10th Tee        
8:00 Robert Kennedy Gavin Seidel Greg Davis Peter Anderson
8:07 Ken Ballard David McKeon Don McPherson Trevor Westacott
8:14 Colin Rodger Arnold Andrew David Goldsmith Chris Harlock
8:21 Les Littleford Alf Ballis Paul Taylor John Cranston
8:28 Ian Hayward Jack Pearson Ron Peacock Peter Jillard
8:35 Bob Hamilton Rick Gribben Damien Egan Shane Minahan
8:42   Carl Schoemaker Murray Host John Manley
8:49 Garry Fincher Ed Featherston Stephen Steele Graham Douglas
8:56 Garry Downes Stewart Donaldson Geoff Wallace Steve Janson
9:03 Col Favre Greg Bennett Geoff Campbell