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MONDAY  10th April 2017

Par: 68; Scratch: 67; Slope: 117

We are playing the "old" 12 hole course. Due to the number of players, there is likely to be a delay after 12 holes when either soup or lunch can be taken before completing the last 6 holes. In the event of players withdrawing, the vacancies will not be filled. No late entries will be accepted.

GDVGA shirts and caps are now available for order. Any member who would like to buy, please advise Ray Drady at the game or email

1st Tee        
7:30 Ed Featherston Harry Bennett Arnold Andrew John Barnett
7:37 Bob Seaton Alfred Ballis Les Littleford Denis Moore
7:44 Gavin Sidel Andy Samu Colin Cooper Ken Smedley
7:51 Gary Franklin Eugene McManus Phil Humphries Terry Walsh
7:58 Gordon Kieselbach Ted Stroomer Phil Daniels Bill Vandenburg
8:05 Ian Flanders David Goldsmith Geoff Dutton Chris Astbury
8:12 Bob Hamilton Peter Jillard Don McPherson Colin Northwood
8:19 Ron Peacock Rob Law Tom Nelson Shane Minahan
8:26 Noel Hill Brendan Rice Leigh Edsall Ranko Bohnke
8:33 Harvey Otter Terry Carracher Neil Palmer Greg Davis
8:40 Dave Mapleson Pat Fahy David Moore Peter Hoskin
8:47 Keith Constable Alan Daw Anthony Stewart Brian Walsh
8:54 Daryl Bayard John Dyson Carl Schoemaker Ian Chapman
9:01 Garry Hardiman Alan McKerlie Neil McGuinness Neville Stalio
9:08 Neil Daw Paul Martonhelyi Joe Gati Graeme Rabbas
9:15 Rob Corver Greg Bennett Geoff Fifer Ron Smith
9:22 Fred Andrews Alan Chapman Peter Chandley Barry Hewitt
9:29 Jim Demetrious Col Favre Graeme Hardy Tony Cosgrave
9:36 Alan Hartley Michael Brady Geoff Wallace Don Callahan
9:43 Ray Drady Joe Azzopardi Murray Host Noel Colbert
9:50 Brian Hazell Brian Shaw Ross Duff Richard Olsen