SWGA Men's Fixture 2017

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Amendments are shown in RED

Date Event Location
January 8th    Pro Am Clifton Springs
January 9th    Pro Am Curlewis
January 15th Junior Pennant - Round 1 Queens Park/13th Beach
January 16th    Veteran's Stableford The Sands
January 22nd Junior Pennant - Round 2 Colac/Curlewis
January 29th Junior Pennant - Round 3 Barwon Heads/Ocean Grove
January 30th Veteran's Stableford Barwon Valley
February 5th Junior Pennant - Round 4 Barwon Valley/Winchelsea
February 6th Victorian Open - Final Qualifying Curlewis, Portarlington
February 6th Victorian 4BBB - Qualifying Barwon Heads
February 6th Veteran's Pennant - Round 1 Clifton Springs
February 9th Veteran's Pennant - Round 2 (Div 1) Torquay
February 9th to 12th Victorian Open 13th Beach
February 10th Veteran's Pennant - Round 2 (Div 2) Anglesea
February 10th to 13th  Open Tournament Queens Park
February 13th Veteran's Pennant - Round 3 The Sands
February 17th Veteran's Pennant - Round 4 Curlewis/Queens Park
February 19th  Junior Pennant - Round 5 Curlewis/Clifton Springs
February 20th Veteran's Pennant - Round 5 East Geelong/Ocean Grove
February 21st Pro Am The Sands
February 22nd Pro Am Portarlington
February 23rd Veteran's Pennant - Round 6 (Div 1) Barwon Valley
February 24th Veteran's Pennant - Round 6 (Div 2) Lonsdale
February 24th to 27th Open Tournament  Bannockburn
February 25th to 26th     Junior Country Regional Championships Rosebud
February 27th Veteran's Pennant - Round 7 Portarlington
March 5th SWGA Men's Championships - Round 1 Colac
March 5th Junior Pennant - Final Portarlington
March 10th to 12th Festival of Golf Anglesea
March 12th SWGA Men's Championships - Round 2 East Geelong
March 13th 3 Person Ambrose Birregurra
March 17th to 21st Open Tournament The Sands
March 17th Veteran's Pennant - Semi Finals Lonsdale
March 19th    Men's Pennant - Round 1 Refer pennant fixture
March 20th Veteran's Stableford East Geelong
March 22nd Ladies Charity Day Portarlington
March 26th    Men's Pennant - Round 2 Refer pennant fixture
March 31st Veteran's Pennant - Final Queens Park
March 31st Veteran's Presentation Dinner 7pm East Geelong
April 2nd Men's Pennant - Round 3 Refer pennant fixture
April 3rd Junior Open Tournament Barwon Valley
April 9th  Men's Pennant - Round 4 Refer pennant fixture
April 10th Junior Open Tournament The Sands
April 10th Veteran's Stableford Ocean Grove
April 14th Good Friday Appeal Charity Day Bannockburn
April 14th to 16th Open Tournament Colac
April 23rd Men's Pennant - Round 5 Refer pennant fixture
April 25th    Ex-Servicemen's Event Torquay
April 30th    Men's Pennant - Round 6 Refer pennant fixture
May 6th Barwon Cup Barwon Heads
May 7th Men's Pennant - Round 7 Refer pennant fixture
May 8th Veteran's Stableford Anglesea
May 13th Winchelsea Shield Winchelsea
May 20th Inverleigh Shield Inverleigh
May 21st Men's Pennant - Final Refer pennant fixture
May 22nd to 28th Open Tournament Winchelsea
May 28th Junior Open Tournament Curlewis
May 29th Veteran's 4BBB Stableford Queens Park
June 6th Veteran's Stableford (GDVGA vs Corangamite) Port Fairy
June 7th to 12th  Open Tournament Apollo Bay
June 9th to 12th  Open Tournament Queenscliff
June 16th to 19th   Open Tournament Beeac
June 25th Junior Open Tournament Geelong
June 26th Veteran's Stableford Torquay
July 9th  Open Four Man Ambrose Inverleigh
July 16th  J H Donaldson Memorial Curlewis
July 16th  Junior Aggregate - Round 1 Portarlington
July 17th Veteran's Stableford (AGM to follow) Curlewis
July 30th SWGA Mixed Pinehurst Tournament 13th Beach
August 4th to 6th  Open Tournament Inverleigh
August 13th Junior Aggregate - Round 2 Portarlington
August 14th Veteran's Stableford Queenscliff
August 20th District Foursomes Lonsdale
August 26th to Sep 1st Open Tournament Portarlington
August 27th   Mixed 2 Person Ambrose  East Geelong
August 27th Vincent Cup Barwon Heads
August 28th Veteran's Bellarine Classic Portarlington
September 1st to 3rd Open Tournament Geelong
September 2nd Vic Junior Sand Green Championships Bannockburn
September 4th to 10th Open Tournament Ocean Grove
September 9th Holden Scramble The Sands
September 11th Veteran's Championship - Round 1 Clifton Springs
September 12th to 17th  Open Tournament Lonsdale
September 17th Junior Open Tournament Colac
September 17th to 24th Open Tournament East Geelong
October 1st Colin Campbell Cup Portarlington
October 1st to 8th Open Tournament Torquay
October 2nd Junior Masters & Junior Aggregate - Round 3 Portarlington
October 2nd to 4th Men's Country Week Team Matches Melbourne
October 6th Junior Open Tournament 13th Beach
October 9th Junior Open Tournament Winchelsea
October 9th Veteran's Championship - Round 2 Portarlington
October 12th to 15th Open Tournament Curlewis
October 15th Junior Open Tournament Ocean Grove
October 20th to 22nd Open Tournament Lara
October 22nd SWGA Junior Championships Barwon Heads
October 22nd to 29th Open Tournament Anglesea
October 30th Veteran's Stableford Lonsdale
November 2nd to 6th Open Tournament Lorne
November 4th Swan Island Cup Queenscliff
November 6th Remembrance Day 4BBB Stableford Clifton Springs
November 10th to 12th  Open Tournament Barwon Valley
November 12th Clifton Springs Shield Clifton Springs
November 14th to 19th Open Tournament Clifton Springs
November 19th South Coast 4 Ball Lorne
November 20th Veteran's Stableford 13th Beach
November 23rd to 26th Open Tournament Birregurra
November 26th Victorian Family Championship & Fambrose Barwon Heads
December 2nd Open 4 Man Ambrose Portarlington
December 3rd Barwon Plate Barwon Heads
December 10th Neville Drayton Delegates Event East Geelong
December 11th Veteran's Stableford (Christmas breakup) Portarlington
December 17th Bannockburn Shield Bannockburn