Major Event Records of the GDGA

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Colin Campbell Cup

Foursomes Championships


Jack Donaldson Trophy

Junior Championships



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Golf Week

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Neville Drayton Trophy

Briody Family Shield


Vin Nivarovitch - Order of Merit

Junior Country Regions

District Champions


2015: Jack Murdoch (13th Beach)
2014: Todd Morgan (Curlewis)
2013: Steve Symons (East Geelong)
2012: Ben Eccles (The Sands)
2011: Frank Fowler (Anglesea)
2010: Ben Eccles (The Sands)
2009: Luke Allen (Clifton Springs)
2008: Stewart Drayton (13th Beach)
2007: Brad Dunn (East Geelong)
2006: Troy Tainton (Curlewis)
2005: Stephen Symons
2004: Kevin Norrey
2003: Stephen Symons
2002: Steve Jones
2001: Craig Boucher
2000: John Owen
1999: K. (Kevin) Norrey
1998: J. (John) Owen
1997: S. (Stephen) Symons
1996: T. (Tim) Kirtley
1995: M. (Matthew) Milne
1994: A. (Aaron) Rayson
1993: S. (Stephen) Symons
1992: R. (Ross) McFarlane
1991: D. (Don) Ashton
1990: S. (Stephen) Symons
1989: C. (Craig) Tingate
1988: R. (Rod) Gellately
1987: V. (Vin) Nivarovich
1986: V. (Vin) Nivarovich
1985: K. R. (Ken) Pritchard
1984: R. W. (Rodger) Bodey
1983: N. F. (Neville) Drayton
1982: N. F. (Neville) Drayton
1981: K. R. (Ken) Pritchard
1980: V. (Vin) Nivarovich
1979: R. W. (Rodger) Bodey
1978: K. R. (Ken) Pritchard
1977: A. K. (Tony) Sweetten
1976: L. D. (Laurie) Buckley
1975: G. K. (Geoff) Kroger
1974: B. L. (Brian) O'Shea
1973: R. T. (Bob) Warren
1972: R. W. (Rodger) Bodey
1971: G. K. (Geoff) Kroger
1970: B. L. (Brian) O'Shea
1969: J. (John) McCabe
1968: P. (Peter) Campbell
1967: B. H. (Brian) Langsford
1966: J. H. (Joe) Briody
1965: J. H. (Joe) Briody
1964: J. H. (Joe) Briody
1963: J. H. (Joe) Briody
1962: J. H. (Joe) Briody
1961: M. (Mal) Grey-Thompson
1960: R. M. (Robbie) Munro
1959: J. H. (Joe) Briody
1958: J. H. (Joe) Briody
1957: J. H. (Joe) Briody
1956: J. (John) Shaw
1955: J. H. (Joe) Briody
1954: J. H. (Joe) Briody