Country Week - 2016 - September 26th to 28th


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Geelong finished second to Golf Peninsula by 2 matches.

Well done to all the team

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September 26th


Geelong Defeated Peninsula 4/3 



Geelong Lost to West Gippsland 4/3

Solid performance playing at 1 from Steve Symons  who won 4/2 this morning and 5/4 this afternoon. 

After standing out this morning Tyson Gill had a 6/4 win in the afternoon


September 27th





Geelong Defeated North Eastern 7/0


September 28th


Geelong Defeated Ballarat 6/1




Ben Henkel at Keysborough

Ben Henkel Tees off at Keysborough

Loren Bunting tees off at Victoria

Chris Chapman tees off at Victoria

Ross McFarlane uses all his charm to wrangle a Ice Cream Sundae

Todd Morgan tees off at Victoria

Nik Taylor tees off at Victoria

Tyson Gill tees off at Victoria

Stewart Drayton (Captain) tees off at Victoria

Steve Symons tees off at Victoria

Left to Right : Steve Symons, Todd Morgan, Troy Tainton, Chris Tainton - Caddie extrordinaire, Greg Bennett (official) Doug Ilsley (official) Ross McFarlane (official and team psychologist) Loren Bunting, Tyson Gill, Nik Taylor, Ben Henkel, Stewart Drayton, Chris Chapman